On Sunday morning, Mei 29th  at  06.15 wib,I myself  with  my little boy Fadhil went to Puskesmas Kagok. We came downtown to Health Centre Kagok for celebrate ” The Lansia Day”  the  47th.  The activities held by the students from Health Promotion Department. It consits of 17 students. The chief of this activity was M Fahry Nasruddin.

I am the Head of Health Promotion Department at Faculty of Public Health in University of Diponegoro, gave a speech on that ceremony, after the Head of Health Center -dr,Sulistyowati- did.


My main statement on that speaking was that :

fisrt, All of us must give thank to Allah SWT for the merciful and the compassionate

2nd, All of us have to take care ourselves better and better

and third, All of us have to try not to depend on others


On that day …We have done lots of activities likes : Jalan sehat, had breakfast together with menu  soto ayam kudus, lomba-lomba for  para Lansia, having fun with dancing and singing etc.

I tried to sing a song with my students Berlian and Arum. The title of the song was “Kemesraan”

The Lansia celebration was  end at 10.15 wib


Alhamdulillah…..I pray deep down in my heart…I hope I am one of the thousand men that have a long ages….



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